WoW TrueShots

Project Idea

Initially, the project was implemented as a hosting for screenshots from the game World of Warcraft. Now this is main orientation - a verification script which check each picture and prevents it except unedited wow screens from downloading. The original screenshots mark as Screenshot is true. You can upload any pictures on TrueShots without limitation, not inconsistent with the rules. If uploaded picture is not a screenshot from WoW, it will mark as Screenshot is false.

Thereby, game servers administrators and game masters need not to worry about was screenshot edited or no. We are ready to cooperate with all World of Warcraft game servers, and provide service, which allows players to upload screenshots from their game characters (see more info).

TrueShots allows you to easily and quickly publish your screenshots or pictures on the pages of any internet forums, blogs, chat (thumbnail image created automatically). You need just select a picture on the disk, click UPLOAD and copy the link in your forum message.

Furthermore, TrueShots has many advantages:
  • Registration is not required (but registration allows to store all uploaded images into your account)
  • Shelf-life images unlimited
  • Maximum upload file up to 5Mb
  • Ability to upload images by one click directly from computer through TrueShots Uploader
  • Service is completely free

We are looking for volunteers to translate this site to other languages. We will send the necessary files to be translated on your request.
It's already fully translated to:
  • English (en)
  • Русский (ru)
By default, the translation for the visitor is taken from configuration of its browser. Once register, you can set any language from the page "My settings".

If you found any spelling, syntax or other errors in translate — contact us, please!

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